What we do

We provide consulting and strategic partnerships to plan a clean, sustainable future and a better life.

European Green Deal

JEDPED's commitment and technical contributions to the recent European Pact - GREEN DEAL, is to develop and deploy a safe, reliable and economically competitive energy transition to end-users and prosumers. Read more about The European Green Deal >>

Key areas of contribution:
  • Strategic consulting
  • Energy management systems
  • Environmental sustainability plans
  • Profitability optimization in industrial processes
  • Energy production based on renewable energies and hybrid systems
  • Energy storage in high voltage batteries
  • Contingency plan for new energy networks based on cyber security
  • Energy systems and programs for energy transition - European Green Deal (11-12-2019)
  • Active and support systems for European economy decarbonisation


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Eng. José Freitas

European entities active member:

Vice president - ETIP-SNET (Bélgica)

Senior expert - Solar Impulse Foundation

European Commission expert and external rapporteur since 2006 https://Europa.eu

Recent participations

Jury member - Pan European Hackathon #EUvsVirus Challenge

HeadquartersRua S. Pedro de Formariz, nº 571
4940-291 Formariz - Portugal

Branch office 1Rua das Andresas, nº 317
4100-053 Porto - Portugal

Mobile Phone +351 910 310 411